Wineyards - Villa Penna

... look at the sun's heat that becomes wine when combine with the juice that flows from the vine
(Dante Alighieri)
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Pruning is done by hand. We proceed with the selection of the buds and the shoots in order to obtain the right quantity of grapes for each plant and thus obtain an excellent quality. In summer the bunches are thinning, in order to obtain a balanced harvest. The harvest is completely manual. After harvesting, the grapes are immediately transferred to the cellar and pressed.

Our wineyards are in Langa and Roero
Hills and wineyards alternate with castles and historic towns, this is the landscape offered to the visitor who visit for the first time the Langhe District.The Piedmont area in between Cuneo and Asti offers a succession of spectacular views. Raiding the Romantic Road, along it’s 100 km, you can enjoy the variety of these places in their whole.

The Roero is a land that extends on the left side of the river Tanaro.  The Rocche del Roero, on which a castle was built, are a feature of this landscape which is mainly cultivated with wineyards and it is well kown for the production of exellent wines as Nebbiolo and Roero Arneis.
Villa Penna
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