Villa Penna

... look at the sun's heat that becomes wine when combine with the juice that flows from the vine
(Dante Alighieri)
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The history of Villa Penna, like that of many wineries, it’s passed down through the generations: in the early '900 Grandfather Giovanni Battista, driven by love for his land and the excellent grapes, started with passion and dedication to nurturing its vineyards and to continuously improve the final product. Due to family vicissitudes, the grandson Teresio always been close to the spirit and the heart to those vineyards, bravely decided to embark on the road of Grandfather giving life to " Villa Penna " whose main principle is to produce wines that stand out for his class and elegance. The selection of vineyards, the attention for the environment by reducing the use of chemical products, the right thinning, the modern technology with the respect of the times to keep the tradition alive with the right ageing.
Teresio Di Gioia

Villa Penna
Agliano Terme
Asti - Piemonte - Italia
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